As you and your mate start your life together, various problems will arise. They may result from differences in how each of you thinks,...

YOUR FAMILY CAN BE HAPPY-How to Solve Problems

As you and your mate start your life together, various problems will arise. They may result from differences in how each of you thinks, feels, and approaches life. Or problems may come from outside sources and unexpected events. It can be tempting to avoid reality, but we are advised to face our problems.You will find the best solutions to your problems by applying wise counsels from experienced couples and positive principles.

They carefully chose colors and moods that spoke for the regions and culture they both hold dear in their hearts.
DISCUSS THE PROBLEM: “There is . . . a time to speak.” Make sure that you spend time talking about the problem. Honestly let your mate know how you feel and what you think on the subject. Always “speak truth” with your mate. Even when strong emotions are involved, resist the urge to fight. A calm answer can keep what should be a simple discussion from escalating into a battle. Even if you disagree, remain gracious, never forgetting to show love and respect to your mate.Try to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and do not stop communicating.
From the Bride and was clearly radiated that they wanted the elements of their wedding to be a representation of their lives as individuals as well as together.
WHAT YOU CAN DO: Set an appropriate time to discuss the problem. When it is your turn to listen, resist the urge to interrupt. You will get your turn to speak.
It was obvious that from the beginning of their journey to be joined together, their dream has always been to have the best, simple wedding ceremony ever....a unique arrangement that will be easy for them to remember for a life time together.
LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND:“Have tender affection for one another. In showing honor to one another, take the lead.”  How you listen is very important. Try to understand your mate’s point of view with “fellow feeling . . . and humility.” Do not just pretend to listen. When possible, put aside what you are doing and give your mate your full attention, or ask if you can discuss this later. If you think of your marriage mate as your teammate rather than your opponent, you will “not be quick to take offense.”

There are many moments that could be considered our favorite..... The exchange of vows, exchange of wedding rings.
WHAT YOU CAN DO: Keep listening with an open mind, even if what you are hearing displeases you. Listen for the message behind the words. Notice your mate’s body language and tone of voice.

The exceptional moment after confirming their mutual love for each other and sitting side by side together emitting warm smiles, full of joy.
FOLLOW THROUGH:“There is benefit in every kind of hard work, but mere talk leads to want.” Agreeing on a good solution is not enough. You need to follow through on what you both decide. This may involve hard work and much effort, but it will be worth it. If you work together as a team, you will “have a good reward” for your hard work.
The couples advice to all anticipating their special day: "Don't let your vision and goals be compromised...There will be lot's of obstacles along the way....But in the end it's your day. Proper budgeting and scheduling are very important, contracting the right professionals for your day is of utmost importance too, for this is a day to remember for years to come...!"
WHAT YOU CAN DO: Decide what practical steps you will each take to solve your problem. From time to time, evaluate your progress. TACKLE PROBLEMS TOGETHER: By working together, you can ensure that your marriage will be strong and happy rather than weak and miserable. Look to the future, and do not bring up past problems. When you cooperate with each other and apply these advice's and principles, you can handle any problem successfully.

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