A Unique Jewel-Toned Wedding at The City Hall, CHICAGO...

This stunning wedding captured by our team of professional photographers from Artlook Studios is awesomely jewel toned in its uniqueness. 
The epitome of simplicity and outstanding style of preparations and arrangements for the occasion. 

Enjoy Glimpse of the wedding in pictorial view:

From the Bride and Groom.....it was clearly radiated that they wanted the elements of their wedding to be a representation of their lives as individuals as well as together. They carefully chose colors and moods that spoke for the regions and culture they both hold dear in their hearts.....Simple coffee time in a cool restaurant gave them the romantic spark they both desire to express for a lifetime together.

It was obvious that from the beginning of their journey to be joined together, their dreams has always been to have the best, simple wedding ceremony ever....a unique arrangement that will be easy for them to remember for a life time together.  

There are many moments that could be considered our favorite..... The exchange of vows, exchange of wedding rings, the exceptional moment after confirming their mutual love for each other and walking side by side together emitting warm smiles and joy, the lovely kiss of true affection and love.....

The couples advice to all anticipating their special day: "Don't let your vision and goals be compromised...There will be lot's of obstacles along the way....But in the end it's your day. Proper budgeting and scheduling are very important, contracting the right professionals for your day is of utmost importance too, for this is a day to remember for years to come...!"